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Respira Yoga 2020 Offerings

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstein

Hello to all of you lovely people in our Respira Yoga Community.

The beginning of the year is a natural time to set new intentions but have you ever wondered if all of this striving and goal setting is adding pressure to an already busy and stressful life?

How about we change the tone this year, from one of reaching and wanting to create change, to instead reflecting on what we already have in our lives and feeling truly grateful for that?

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more" - Melody Beattie

No matter what our circumstances, no matter what is going on our lives right now, we can all be grateful for something.

There really is no better place than the yoga mat to begin to cultivate gratitude and let it permeate into our lives, helping to snap us back into the present moment, combat anxiety and find a sense of appreciation and inner calm. Our Respira Yoga practice this year will be infused with gratitude, exploring the energy of gratitude that elevates and expands us, bringing us to a deeper place within our own heart.

Take a moment now..

Close your eyes and connect with the natural rhythm your breath.

What are you truly grateful for?

It could be the people that you have in your life; the safe environment in which you live; your resilience through life's challenges. Or perhaps you are simply grateful for the opportunity to try again and enjoy a brand new day.

Spend a couple of minutes allowing yourself to REALLY feel gratitude as an embodied experience, not just a concept. Allow yourself to become totally soaked in the uplifting energy of gratitude.

Our yoga practice reminds us time after time to STOP. To breathe. To notice. To feel. To be grateful. Let your intention this year be to come back to this attitude of gratitude every morning before you get out of bed or perhaps as you sit your morning coffee.

And while you're at it, how about tapping into an aura of love and compassion for yourself. We can all benefit from being a little kinder to ourselves! Maybe 2020 can be the year when we meet ourselves lovingly, exactly as we are.

On that note, how about a bit of yummy self-care!?

It's certainly pretty cold outside but don't let that get you down. At Respira Yoga we have a plethora of warming, yummy, yoga-related offerings to share with you.

Weekly Yoga Schedule

If you haven't yet booked into a regular yoga class this winter, you can do so here or send an email if you'd like to drop-in for some deep, soothing, soulful yoga. You'd be very welcome :-)

At Respira yoga we create mindful flowing sequences set to evocative music that are graceful, focused, moving meditations. Evening classes are set to fairy lights and we use aromatherapy to guide you along the way to complete surrender.

Mon   8.00pm - Beginners, YMCA, Harrow (Waitlist)

Tues   7.30pm - Whitmore School, Harrow

Wed  10.30am - Harrow Arts Centre

Fri     10.30am - YMCA  (school term time)

Sun   11.00am -  Harrow Arts Centre

Yin Yoga & Sound Bath, Sun 23 Feb 12.30 - 3.30pm

After three SOLD OUT Yin Yoga & Sound Bath Events, Respira Yoga brings you another magical, super-nourishing Mini-Retreat, suitable for all levels.

We will use blocks, aromatherapy, organic, flaxseed eye-pillows and blankets to ease into a state of deep support and rest during two hours of delicious, meditative yin yoga & breath-work. Then inspirational Martina Saorin from Yogic Sound will use Gongs and Himalayan bowls to bring the body back to its natural state of balance and harmony with her healing sound bath. Topped off, of course by some incredible vegan chocolate! One not to be missed. Feedback from past Yin & Sound Bath events:

“What an amazing afternoon. The Yoga was deep and the sound bath was magical... completely unplugged I had the best night's sleep in ages.”

“It was amazing and genuinely I am still feeling the benefits. I came away feeling energised, but also rested and calm."

"Completely amazing experience. Many thanks!"

"Blew me away. The sounds, the vibrations, the nourishment, the ambience were all incredible."

"That was amazing, I feel like a different person."

"A wonderful, wonderful way to spend an afternoon. So chilled and relaxed. Everyone should do this as often as possible!"

Takes place in the beautiful Dance Studio at Harrow Arts Centre. £35. Full details and book here.

Respira Yoga Boutique Yoga Retreats

Don't wait too long to bag your spot on one of these healing and nurturing weekends which will allow your nervous system to rest and will help to release deeply held tensions from the body and mind.   There really is nothing quite like a yoga retreat to shake up your life for the better.

If you have been looking into going on a yoga retreat but are a little nervous to go it alone please don’t be!

Respira Yoga Retreats are wonderful safe, nurturing environments where likeminded souls get together to slow down and to find space to explore the magic of yoga. This tends to be quite a uniting and uplifting experience and who knows, you may even find a new buddy along the way like I have on many occasions!

We also have lots of couples, friends, siblings and mother daughter combos join us. We even once had a mother and son-in-law combo which was very sweet :-). Whoever you choose to come with, a Respira Yoga Retreat is a rare opportunity to totally unplug and spend a little time together catching up & recuperating in a super-nourishing environment.

Please do invest in yourself and book into one of these wonderful, nourishing opportunities to pause and reset your rhythm, get back in sync with nature and rebalance.

Unplug & Nourish Spring Retreat, Arundel 29-31 May 2020

During these cold, dark evenings its natural to want to make some plans for Spring and have something wonderful and super-nourishing to look forward to. Our Boutique Spring Retreat in the gorgeous Brooklands Barn, West Sussex is filling up fast so please don't delay booking with your £200 deposit if you are tempted to come along. We'd love to have you!

Join Emma Burns and I as we welcome Spring, spending a blissful weekend in 19th century converted barn accommodation surrounded by lush nature, whilst delving deep into the magic of yoga.  Enjoy incredible plant-based food by Cashew Catering, twice daily yoga, free time to relax and unwind with a book, a swim in the pool, chill out in the sauna or treat yourself to a massage or other treatment. 

Pricing & Booking 

Full details here. Please email to arrange. £200 deposit books your spot. Prices below are per person, including all yoga, accommodation & food:

£495 - Shared twin room, shared bathroom

£525 - Shared twin room, private bathroom

£595 - Private room with double or king bed and private bathroom

Boutique Summer Yoga Retreat, Norfolk, 14-16 August 2020

You can expect incredible food, twice daily yoga, swimming in the heated, outdoor pool and stunning lake, beautiful walks, plenty of free time for lying on the grass with a good book. You may even chose to take a drive and explore the nearby attractions and picturesque beaches. Let nature soothe your brow as you drop into utter tranquility practicing yoga in a stunning converted barn surrounded by 21 acres of gardens, woods, rivers and lakes.

The luxury en-suite rooms combine rustic charm with funky modern twists. Many original features have been maintained and the materials used – wood, stone, clay – as well as the art decorating the walls reflect the myriad of nature that surrounds the buildings. Each bedroom has its own entrance for extra privacy and sit around a courtyard together amongst herbaceous boarders and mosaic paths. The hand made beds hold the highest quality mattresses while underfloor heating and walk-in showers land you in the lap of luxury.

Pricing & Booking Full details here. £200 deposit books your spot. Please email to book. Prices below are per person, including all yoga, accommodation & food:

£445 - Shared Triple Room, En-Suite

£545 - Shared Twin room, En-Suite​

If pure luxury is your thing, then 42 Acres is the retreat for you. Enjoy thrice daily yoga in the stunning yurt and beautiful meditation space, free time to relax and unwind with a book by the fire or treat yourself to a massage or reflexology.  Surrender into bliss as you allow the layers of stress to peel away in this gorgeous sanctuary.  Enjoy beautiful walks, taking in the uninterrupted views of glorious landscape.

Pricing & Booking 

Full details here. Space is limited so if you are tempted to come along, book your spot by clicking here to contact us to pay £200 deposit. 

42 Acres Culinary Philosophy

The food at 42 ACRES is second to none.  Expect the highest quality, locally sourced organic and biodynamic foods and ingredients that sustain the health and vitality of our bodies and community.  The 42 Acres chefs believe in the restorative and regenerative benefits of meals prepared with care and shared with compassion.  They even forage many wild ingredients from the land.

With few exceptions,  food is prepared in the 42 acres kitchen using organic, hand-made ingredients and ferments. Food is sourced from a number of small heritage producers who maintain the highest standards of care and ethics in their operations.

The 42 Acres kitchen chefs are committed to creating meals that are diverse, colourful, flavourful, healthy and satisfying. Nourishment of both body and soul are integral to your stay with them.   As such, know that the food you eat will be prepared with love, imagination, care and attention.

Processed foods are avoided (including refined sugar) and only cold-pressed oils and unrefined Atlantic sea salt  are used in food preparation. Breads are made from organic sourdoughs (gluten-free options are available as well). 

Food is plant-based with local duck eggs optional at breakfast.  If you have any further dietary requirements, please let us know at time of booking.

More Mini-Retreats & Other Exciting Events!

Please be sure to follow Respira Yoga on FacebookInstagram so that you don't miss any updates on up and coming Mini-Retreats and other wonderful, yoga related events that I have planned for you this year.

Looking forward to seeing you at a yoga class or Boutique Yoga Retreat soon. 

Isabelle :-)

P.S I leave you with some food for thought..

When your world moves too fast and you lose yourself in the chaos, introduce yourself to each color of the sunset. Reacquaint yourself with the earth beneath your feet. Thank the air that surrounds you with every breath you take. Find yourself in the appreciation of life. - Christy Ann Martine

Respira Yoga London Mob: 07990 820112


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