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Ten Ways to Stay Balanced & Happy Amidst The Chaos

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?" - Rumi

Staying calm & optimistic during these super-challenging times can be incredibly difficult so I wanted to share with you Ten ways to stay balanced & happy amidst the chaos.

Regardless of the current upheaval, Autumn can in itself be an unsettling time for many of us as our element of Vata or air can become imbalanced leaving us feeling energetically scattered and unsteady. Add to that all of the current uncertainty and the overhang of fear and you might find yourself suffering any number of physical, mental, emotional and energetic complaints. If any of this resonates with you, please know that you are not alone.

Lockdown and Mental Health

More than half of adults and over two thirds of young people have said that their mental health has deteriorated during lockdown. Anxiety and depression are through the roof. This is why it is so important that we find ways in which we can regain a sense of perspective, feel grounded and find sanctuary from the sense of unease that permeates our everyday experience of the world.

A Vata imbalance during this time of year can be aggravated by feelings of fear and insecurity so be sure to take time for self-care in a variety of different forms. To balance our element of Vata during Autumn we need to bring in all things warming, grounding nourishing.

Here are some ways in which you can find balance and calm, resting the nervous system (which we know is essential for strong immune health) and helping the whole body (including the organs, the gland and joints) to function optimally.

Ten Ways To Stay Balanced Amidst The Chaos:

1) Establish a regular routine involving a slow, nourishing breakfast, periods of stillness during your day so that you can connect with yourself and the present moment;

2) Vata excess can also be aggravated by excess movement. Try to slow down, reducing the amount of rushing & traveling. Give your self plenty of breaks from stressful situations, technology & screen time;

3) Wrap up warm and go for long walks. This is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature and calm Vata Dosha bringing in Ojas which is responsible for our strength, vitality and immunity, protecting us from disease;

4) Engage in acts of unselfish kindness and love through perhaps helping someone who is struggling at the moment with loneliness or lack of purpose. This helps to build and strengthen Ojas and aid our natural immunity;

5) Enjoy soothing activities like listening to gentle music, watching an uplifting movie or spending time with animals or children. Get out into the garden and plant bulbs giving yourself something beautiful to look forward to in Spring and Summer;

6) Sign up for a month of yoga with Respira Yoga London and try to practise a little yoga every day! This will make a huge difference to your wellbeing, balancing you energetically, mentally and emotionally and keeping you physically strong and supple;

7) During the early evening run yourself a bath adding lots of epsom salts or essential oils. Luxuriate in a candle-lit soak, breathing in the aromas and just being present in your body, focusing on nothing but the flicker of the flame;

8) Moisture is also key for balancing Vata so take time to massage yourself with coconut oil or another soothing natural oil before putting on something warm and snuggly;

9) Introduce a calming evening routine involving a warm, herbal tea, a book and an early night. Decorate your living space with twinkly lights and invest in a salt lamp to make your time at home feel cosy, healing and nourishing.

10) Balancing your Agni with Food! According to Ayurveda, Agni is the life force of intelligence within each cell, tissue and system within the body. The state of our agni is affected when its functions are disrupted by a poor diet, poor lifestyle choices, emotional disturbances and even seasonal changes as mentioned.

'The Ayurvedic concept of Agni (or digestive fire) as a foundation for good health is now being supported by modern medicine, as scientists have discovered the importance of gut health and the link between our gut and not just our physical well-being but our mental health'. - Clair Paphitis

Focus on warming soups, stews and plenty of cooked vegetables, spices & herbs to aid digestion. Avoid raw, cold foods and cold drinks and replace with herbal teas to stoke your digestive fire. If you're interesting in learning more about Ayurveda - the sister science of yoga and understanding your how your Agni, Ojas and Doshas can help bring equilibrium to how you feel, this short book is a wonderful place to start.

Sign Up For Your Daily Dose of Online Yoga

By signing up for the next 4 weeks you will have access to all 7 weekly classes below for one month. In other words, 28 super-nourishing yoga classes for just £50.

Please book here. Click 'Book Now', select Sunday 22nd November, 11am then hit Next. I will then be in touch :-)

What You Have Been Saying..

Feedback from you all this month has been simply lovely and warmed my heart! Here are some super kind words that two lovely students took the time to send to me. It means so much that my yoga classes are having such an impact on your lives and helping to keep you resilient, curious and positive during these tough times.

"I do like the mix of more physical poses with breath and yin work and am surprised at how much its been clearing my mind as well as body."

"Thank you for a beautiful class. Over the course of the last eight months I have deepened my self-awareness, intuition and resilience and seen how my body had grown stronger and more flexible. It is all thanks to the skills you have taught us on the mat. I have a deep love of yoga and enjoy exploring how it can bring positivity to all aspects of my life. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so that we can have the time and space to reflect and learn"

If you haven't already, why not join us to see what wonders yoga can do for your health, wellbeing and happiness!?

Saturday 4.30pm Restorative Yoga

This practice is perfect for anyone who has a hard time slowing down, whose energy reserves feel depleted or when anxiety/stress levels are running high. Also if you are suffering with insomnia or if you have a bad back, restorative yoga may be your answer.

Further benefits of this deeply nourishing & healing practice are: Enhances flexibility; Deeply relaxes the body; Stills the mind; Improves capacity for healing and balancing; Balances the nervous system; Boosts the immune system; Enhances mood; Increased energy.

Restorative yoga creates the conditions for us to cultivate the skill of conscious relaxation and most importantly to release unnecessary habitual tension in the body and mind. Please have lots of props to hand (blankets, pillows, blocks and a yoga bolster).

Unplug & Restore Retreat

West Sussex, 25 - 27 June 2021

Just a handful of shared rooms remain for our 'Covid-Secure' Unplug & Restore Summer Yoga Retreat taking place in stunning West Sussex Countryside. Please book soon to secure your place with your £200 deposit. If cancelled for Covid reasons you will receive a full refund.

Join us as we welcome Summer, spending a super-nourishing weekend in 19th century converted barn accommodation surrounded by lush nature, whilst delving deep into the magic of yoga. This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with yourself, slowing down and finding light & inspiration for the Summer season. Perfect for complete beginners and experienced practitioners who would like to deepen their practice alike.

Enjoy delicious, gourmet, plant-based meals, thrice daily yoga, free time to relax and unwind with a book, a swim in the pool, chill out in the sauna or treat yourself to a massage or reflexology. Surrender into bliss as you allow the layers of stress to peel away in this gorgeous sanctuary. Enjoy beautiful walks, taking in the uninterrupted views of glorious landscape and perhaps join our guided tour exploring the nearby quaint, historic town of Arundel, named 'the most mindful destination in Europe', and take in its unique plethora of craft and antique shops and cafes.

This healing and nurturing weekend will allow your nervous system to rest and will help to release deeply held tensions from the body and mind. A wonderful, nourishing opportunity to pause and reset your rhythm, get back in sync with nature and rebalance.

Space is limited so if you are tempted to come along, please email me stating your room preference to arrange. Please read the Retreat Terms and Conditions before booking your spot. If the retreat is cancelled due to Covid, your deposit will be reimbursed.

Prices below are per person, including all yoga, accommodation & food:

£495 - Shared twin room, shared bathroom

£525 - Shared twin room, private bathroom

£595 - Private room with double or king bed and private bathroom - FULLY BOOKED

What’s included:

- 3 days of stunning converted barn accommodation in beautiful West Sussex Countryside - Expert yoga tuition by two friendly, passionate & knowledgable instructors - Morning dynamic yoga practices to strengthen and free up the energy channels - Deeply nourishing evening Candlelit Restorative & Yin Yoga - Post-dinner Yoga Nidra Sessions to send you off into a blissful nights sleep - "Mindfulness For Living A Calmer & More Joyful Life" with Emma Burns - "Embodying freedom - knowing your power within" with Ash Maguire

- "Essential Oils for Natural Wellness & Managing Stress" with Rachele Summers - 3 super-nourishing & filling plant-based meals a day. Unlimited fresh fruit, tea, coffee & water - All yoga equipment and use of the yoga studio with underfloor heating - Indoor heated Swimming pool & use of the outdoor Sauna - Gorgeous grounds complete with panoramic of the stunning countryside - Guided walk exploring the beautiful historic town of Arundel - Nature walks in the surrounding 2 acres of lush countryside - WiFi & on-site parking - Luxurious Temple Spa toiletries and use of sumptuous linen and towel

Not included:

- Travel to and from the venue

- Holistic therapy, massage & organic facial treatments by Debbie Stevens Wellbeing

- 1-2-1 Breathwork Session - Using your breath to release emotion and heal - with Maturation Coach and Breathworker Ash Maguire.

Full Details and booking here.

Please follow Respira Yoga on Facebook & Instagram so that you don't miss any updates.

We look forward to joining you virtually in your living room, where we shall be guiding you into yoga induced bliss :-) Until then, please take care of yourself.


“There is a brokenness out of which comes the unbroken.

There is a shatteredness out of which blooms the unshatterable.

There is a sorrow beyond all grief, which leads to joy.

And a fragility out of whose depths emerges strength.

There is a hollow space too vast for words through which we pass with each loss,

out of whose darkness we are sanctioned into being"

-the poetess Rashani, quoted by Maya Tiwari

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