Yoga at Work


It is a proven fact that a healthy, happy and fit workforce is far more motivated and productive. Team members are less likely to get sick, they tend to have more energy and are likely to have a more positive attitude towards their work.

Yoga can act as a welcome break from a busy working day and is also a great way to bring everyone together to do something fun as a group.

Workplace yoga can also be an invaluable tool in reducing stress levels among staff and preventing common back and neck issues that result from sitting at a desk for long periods. Employees should leave each class feeling refreshed and better able to deal with the pressures of the day.

If your place of work does not yet offer yoga to its employees, then don’t delay!

Contact us and together we’ll create a solution that precisely suit your needs.  


Classes can take place at a time that suits your employees. There isn’t a minimum group size and sessions are provided for all ages and levels of fitness. All that you need to provide is a space.

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