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Time for that Inner Spring Clean?

Spring is in the air! Can you feel it? The season of new beginnings. As spring approaches we begin to awaken, coming out of hibernation from the winter months and we are invited to unfurl, to enjoy the warmer days and to cultivate a spirit of aliveness.

You may notice that you are not feeling at your best during this transition into the new season. Perhaps you are feeling a little sluggish, your joints stiff, your mind dull or you may be feeling tired and heavy.

Did you know that your immunity can be weakened during this time of year putting you at risk of catching colds or the flu or being affected by allergies, asthma or bronchial infections?

According to Ayurveda, this is because as it warms outside, amavisha and ama start to melt, flowing into the body's channels which become flooded with toxins. Ama is the sticky waste-product of digestion that builds up in the digestive tract when your digestion is either weak or overloaded with the wrong foods. And amavisha is a more reactive, toxic type of ama.

These toxins can flow to the sinuses, the lungs, or the joints bringing about all of the symptoms I’ve just described. And although our digestive, endocrine and circulatory systems come well-equipped with a complex set of mechanisms designed to eliminate these, we can assist this process in a big way with a healthy lifestyle, diet and yoga.

Spring is the best time of year to support your body in the role of eliminating toxins, as this is already happening in your body and you can boost your detox functions in these simple, tried and tested ways:

- Go to bed early and wake early and start your day with a glass of warm water with the juice of a lemon or lime squeezed into it, to cleanse your digestive tract. The sour taste will kick start your digestion and metabolism for the day.

- Use herbs and spices in your cooking to aid digestion and metabolism and drink herbal teas throughout the day. Turmeric, cumin, fennel, basil, coriander, cinnamon and ginger are a few good options.

- Get a massage or massage yourself to improve circulation, activate the lymphatic system, and aid in detoxification.

- Come to class and practice yoga!

Yoga and your Spring Detox

A wonderful, quick and effective way to give yourself that spring inner detox is to practice yin and yang yoga sequences, which wring out and massage the digestive system and restorative yoga to ground and center you. Yoga supports the natural detoxification process by compressing and massaging the internal organs and encouraging lymph and blood circulation.

Here are some examples of wonderful yoga poses for detox:

Inversions, like Bridge and Downward Facing Dog, (where the head is below the heart) aid detox by sending new blood to the liver and kidneys;

Poses where the legs are elevated like Shoulder Stand and Legs up the Wall pose, help to drain lymphatic and venous fluids from the legs and pelvis;

Dynamic poses, like Plank and Warriors where muscles contract, stimulate lymphatic flow;

Twisting poses like Revolved Chair, Revolved Triangle and Spinal Twist, increase blood circulation, isolating and compress your kidneys, liver, and spleen, stimulating the removal of waste.

Forward folds like Rabbit and Standing Forward Fold help to tone the kidneys and bladder, which regulate water and even emotions in the body.

Poses that compress the belly like Wind Removing pose and even Child pose help to stimulate the large intestine, aiding in detoxification

The calming and meditative aspects of yoga provide a mental detox as well, releasing stress, fear and reseting your nervous system.

Once you have carried out all of these cleansing rituals, sink into your bed, close your eyes and practice Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep. Here’s lovely Chakra healing Yoga Nidra for you to try.

If you haven’t already booked your Spring term Yoga Class Pass you can do so here. Most classes are nearing full capacity, so if there is a specific class that you have been attending and you would like to continue, please book now to avoid disappointment. If you need more convincing, then take a look at the reviews!

You may also want to try out one of these Saturday workshops which are great way to explore certain styles of yoga in more depth and to deepen your practice.

YIN YOGA IMMERSION - SAT 25TH MARCH. Perfect for athletes as it helps to release overworked joints and for those who simply want to deeply relax. This two hour workshop will be a wonderful addition to your weekend and will leave you feeling deeply nourished and energised, with more openness in your body and a calmer mind.

INTRODUCTION TO YOGA, SAT 8TH APRIL. Interested in trying yoga but not sure where to start? By joining this 2 hour ‘Introduction to Yoga’ workshop you will learn all of the basics that you need to safely and confidently practice yoga

RESTORATIVE YOGA - SAT 15TH APRIL. Reconnect with yourself and let your body and mind rest completely while moving through a sequence of energy-restoring poses in this two hour restorative workshop. Suitable for all levels and highly recommended for anyone seeking stress-relief or a quiet space to unwind.

I hope that you enjoy your spring inner clean! You can look forward to feeling lighter and more energized as you head into the warmer months. I look forward to meeting you on the mat, at a yoga class soon.

- Namaste -


Respira Yoga London Mob: 07990 820112

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