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Happy New You

Are you ready to become the healthiest, happiest version of you!?

If the answer is YES, then be sure to join me in 2017 for some healing, nurturing and rejuvenating yoga.

Yoga boosts physical and mental wellbeing and allows the entire body to function more efficiently. The benefits of yoga are well recognized;

Greater strength and flexibility; a more toned physique; improved memory and concentration; a stronger core; less risk of injury, aches and pains; improved posture; enhanced immunity, better digestion; improved sleep patterns, lower stress levels; less anxiety; enhanced sporting performance; boosted vitality and lower blood pressure.

It is well known that yoga practitioners tend to live long, happy, balanced and healthy lives! So book now to join me for yoga in January and make 2017 your best year yet!

What to expect..

Classes are suitable for both beginners and improvers. You will be carefully instructed into the poses and adjusted and supported in each posture. More challenging options are offered to those who have been practicing for some time so that everyone develops at their own pace.

Classes run for one hour and 15 minutes with a new theme, focus and lesson plan for each class to keep it interesting and fun. As I guide you mindfully through the poses with the breath, my intention is for you to reconnect with yourself and to experience a magical energy and release. This grounding, self exploration should leave you feeling uplifted and empowered both on the mat and in your life more generally.

We practice to calming music, stretching, breathing, opening up the body, then moving through some more challenging, dynamic, strengthening postures before slowing it down again, coming back to a more calming meditative state.

We relax to the words of a beautiful poem and the scent of lemongrass at the end of class to ensure that everyone totally switches off and melts in Savasana. It is a gorgeous class that will leave you feeling completely renewed and zen. If you need more convincing, then take a look at the reviews!

Come along and give yourself some well deserved self-care! I look forward to guiding you along your own personal yoga journey.

- Namaste -


Respira Yoga London Mob: 07990 820112

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