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Yoga Posture

"In one word, 'fabulous', Respira Yoga has touched my life in an extremely positive & 'feel great' way!

"Practising yoga with you has been life-changing. I didn't really get it when people said yoga is good for the soul until I started practicing with you. I don't even want to call them lessons as they are so much more.  A great big thank you for the most wonderful yoga. I truly look forward to my yoga class each week"  A. Airi

"What an awesome class. Thank you so much" A. Maguire

"Wow, what an amazing class! Looking forward to next week. I felt incredible afterwards!" S. Williams

"First time attending a Respira Yoga London Class. Loved the set up, the ambience, the fairy lights and the Ashtanga Yoga!  Looking forward to next week"  S. Shah

"Each lesson I feel that I am being spoken to personally. I feel very privileged to be part of these classes.  They are certainly resonating with me physically and mentally! I am converted. Have had on going hip problem since last June 2016, I have tried physiotherapy and even resorted to steroid injections. The best results have come from my attending these yoga classes. The restorative classes are also wonderful. Highly recommend"  S. N'Jie 

"Should be available on NHS prescription! Yoga certainly needs to be part of an athletes training regime."
"Your yoga sessions are making me love my job too!  The calm I feel after attending your sessions is simply amazing!  Each day I feel that I should probably attend a daily class.  Thanks a ton!"  H. Sajnani

'Fantastic Class! I loved it!"  J. O'Sullivan

"A great way to blow the cobwebs away if you fancy some zen with a good workout"  D. Patel

"Superb Autumn Equinox Yin Yoga Class', both for the body and mind.  Isabelle is an excellent teacher, very structured.  You are instructed to slowly transition into the difficult positions.  Always a bunch of variations for people of all abilities.  Highly recommend"  Annon
"These yoga sessions are making me love my job too! The calm I feel afterwards is simply amazing!"
"Holistic wellbeing is at the heart of these Yoga classes and for me the benefits have extended beyond body, mind and class time.  As a newcomer and beginner I found them supportive - offering individual attention to levels and abilities.  Thank you for opening up for me a new wonderful world of yoga"  L. Powell
"Great class, poses are explained well.  The teachers are very welcoming. I come out if every class feeling great"  S. Morrissey
"Each class has a specific focus which is great & keeps it interesting"
"Isabelle is a fantastic yoga teacher.  She has a really lovely, calm, positive way about her that she brings into her teaching.  Her classes are great for both beginners and more advanced students.  She adjusts you to make sure you are doing the poses correctly. Her yoga classes are some of the best I have ever taken.   I always leave her class with a great sense of serenity that lasts all day"  E. Priestman
"Great to find a class where men are in evidence as well.  We also need yoga guys!"
"Respira Yoga has made me, as a beginner, feel at ease.  Sessions interesting and achievable for all levels.  Great to find a class where men are in evidence as well (we also need yoga guys!)  The classes are at convenient times and places for me and are very good value.  So thanks, Respira Yoga, for my first steps in Yoga.  Already feeling the benefits!"  B. Hloc
"Love going to yoga on a Tuesday - so nice to destress!  Classes are always different so your not stuck in a routine but can feel myself improving every week!  Plus Isabelle is fabulous the way she describes and helps you through moves plus is her voice is so calming!  Highly recommend!!!"  J. Diamond
"Each lesson I feel that I am being spoken to personally. I feel very privileged to be part of these classes."​
"We are lucky to have found Respira Yoga!  Really helping my son too after his avulsion fracture of his hip sustained during competing in athletics.  Should be available on NHS prescription!  Certainly needs to be part of athletes training regime"  
S. N'Jie
"I just wanted let you know how much I enjoyed your 'Introduction to Yoga Workshop'.  I am a complete beginner and due to your very clear instruction I found the class really easy to follow and very enjoyable.  I felt like every muscle in my body had been worked out and left the class feeling calm and relaxed.  You are a true professional and clearly passionate about Yoga.  I can not recommend 'Respira Yoga' highly enough and can't wait for my next session!"  J. O'Sullivan
"Thank you, Isabelle, for making my Introduction to Yoga such a relaxing and calming experience."
"I would definitely recommend anyone to take one of Respira Yoga's classes. Whatever your level of experience, you are made feel welcome from the start and encouraged to stretch and learn without pressure to overdo it. Thank you for making my introduction to yoga such a relaxing and calming experience, look forward to learning more at your classes"  D. Roberts

"I have been attending Respira Yoga classes now since May of this year and they are fantastic.  If I had time I would attend more sessions during the week. All of the positions are explained very clearly and you feel like you are getting one to one attention at times.  I believe everyone will benefit from these classes and they have helped me relax so much"  D. Bolger

"I come out if every class feeling great!"

"I have been taking yoga classes for over 20 years, both in the U.S. and U.K. Respira Yoga teachers combine all the best qualities of all my yoga teachers over the years: - a friendly and calming voice and presence; careful attention to (and adjusting of) each person's poses; ensuring that everyone feels comfortable staying at their own level of difficulty; just the right amount of instructions for each pose (but not too much!); holding poses for just long enough to challenge you in each class and ending the session with a really enjoyable Savasana (together with a bit of delicious aromatherapy).  The space at the Harrow Arts Centre is also quite beautiful.  An all-round wonderful yoga experience!"  S. Sadeghi

"An all-round wonderful yoga experience!"

"It was so so great to be back in a Respira Yoga class this morning.  Like always, I was made to feel so welcome and I left feeling peaceful in my mind and my body.   The cues that you are given for each asana, combined with the music and the whole ambiance makes it such a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.  The flow is explained carefully and its kept relatively simple so that you can follow and feel the benefits that yoga has to offer.  I simply love attending these classes and its kind of addictive because I miss it so much when I'm not there. So thank you Respira Yoga London, for introducing yoga in such a lovely manner to me and helping me find the inner strength and peace"   A. Akhund

"An all-round wonderful yoga experience"

​"I was a complete yoga novice and have been going to classes at Respira Yoga.  They really are fabulous!"   H. Harrington

"Thank you for opening up for me a new wonderful world of yoga"

"I had a fab yoga session with Respira Yoga this morning- really enjoyable and a great work out guided by a skilled Yogini. I may be in danger of getting fit again!  If you're lucky, they might have a free spot.  Recommended!"  S. Terry

"I love these classes.  Everything is explained and demonstrated really clearly and always makes sure that you're coming into each of the poses correctly. I also like the mixture of traditional and more challenging positions and the variations depending on your level"  S. Darras

"I have tried physiotherapy and even resorted to steroid injections. The best results have come from my attending Respira Yoga classes." 

"I would highly recommend yoga with Isabelle!!!  An excellent teacher, and a fabulous class. Loving yoga!"  Z. Harrington-Quinn

"This class is great! I'm noticing the difference after just a few classes"  E. Morton

 "The Candlelit Restorative yoga class was fab-u-lous! So relaxing and beneficial. Highly recommended"

"Yoga with Respira Yoga is always a calming and balancing experience.  The lessons are perfect for both stretching and toning and they will leave you fully relaxed and stress free"   Z. Ember

"I always leave feeling amazing after class with Respira Yoga. I remember to breathe properly, I feel totally Zen and any aches and pains seem to miraculously disappear.  It's hard work at the time, but definitely worth the effort.  Cannot recommend enough!"  J. Taylor  
"Respira Yoga classes are some of the best I have ever taken. I always leave the class with a great sense of serenity that lasts all day"
"Over the past couple of years a really stressful job and a major turning point in my life had caused me to suffer from stress and anxiety.  I was looking for a yoga class that would help me to recharge and reset as well as to build strength and improve fitness and flexibility.  Respira Yoga's combination of Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa has done exactly that and even after only a few weeks I already feel stronger, more energised and dedicated to yoga again!  The teachers are very in tune with their students; always taking the time to ensure each every student, whether beginner or more advanced, improves their practice in a non-competitive, non-judgemental environment"  E. Bowes
"After only a few weeks I feel stronger, more energised and dedicated to yoga again!"
"I've been going to Respira Yoga classes for a while now and it still amazes me how, after my class this morning, I enjoy the benefits all day long! These classes are just the perfect way to start or end any day for anybody at any level"  A. Maguire
"Just enjoyed the most up-lifting and exhilarating yoga session with Respira Yoga.  The intermediate class is just the ticket having recently moved on from beginners. Each class is different and I find myself in new and challenging positions getting deeper and deeper into yoga!! Love it"  M. Byrne

"I really enjoy attending Respira Yoga classes, and have really felt the benefits (both physically and mentally) since starting these classes a year ago.  I love that there is a great attention to detail, so for a beginner like me, it is really helpful that the teacher is always be on hand to make minor adjustments to the poses without being overbearing.  I also like that the benefits of each pose are explained so that it is not just a case of just doing it just because it is a yoga pose.  Each class has a specific focus which is great and keeps it interesting. As the classes are for abilities of all types, and different variations are recommended so that everyone is catered for.  The practice spaces are also really nice, with the Harrow Arts Centre being my favourite"   S. Tang

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