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We all know that yoga & meditation can enhance your overall health, but would it surprise you to hear that mindfulness and maintaining a regular yoga practice can also boost your immune system?  Through the practise of yoga we switch ourselves to a more relaxed nervous system (which is essential for strong immune health). This allows our body to focus on restorative functions like cell renewal and the absorption of nutrients, instead of producing the stress hormone cortisol, which is ageing and detrimental to our overall health.


Reconnect with yourself in this super-nourishing Mini-Retreat, designed to centre you, restoring the nervous system & releasing deeply held tensions from the body and mind.

A rare opportunity to pause and reset your rhythm, get back in sync with nature & rebalance. Deep Hatha Yoga, quiet Yin and Restorative Yoga, pranayama, guided meditations, chanting & sound healing will ease you into a state of deep support and rest.

A magical yoga journey suitable for all levels including complete beginners. We will use blocks, aromatherapy, organic, flaxseed eye-pillows and blankets to ease into a state of deep support and rest.  Practicing restorative yoga in this way deeply relaxes the nervous system, helping to stimulate lymphatic drainage and boost the endocrine system.  All of this has the effect of supporting our immunity and help us to cope better with illness.

This Mini-Retreat is a great introduction to Yoga and a wonderful gift idea for a loved one who you think would benefit from the incredible benefits of this ancient practice.  Takes place in the beautiful Dance Studio at Harrow Arts Centre

3 Hours of Yummy Yoga, Breath work, Sound Healing & Guided Relaxation for £30.  Space is limited and these events tend to sell out quick so book your spot now to avoid disappointment.

I look forward you meeting you on the mat when we will all be surrendering into yoga induced bliss!



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Yin Yoga

Our lifestyles tend to be very Yang. Most of us find it hard to switch off, unplug and be still which can eventually lead to burn out. This can come in the form of a breakdown, illness or injury from which it can take a long time to recover. We are then forced to become more Yin in our approach to life.

But what if instead we regularly checked in with ourselves? By practising Yin & restorative Yoga, we can become more adept and noticing how we really are and actually listening to the signals that our body is trying to send us. Messages like SLOW DOWN. SWITCH OFF and take some time for self-care.

In Yin & Restorative yoga, poses are all passive and floor based and we hold for on average 5 minutes, working deep into the joints and harder tissues in the body resulting in better circulation to the joints, ligaments, facia and even the bones.

Yin Yoga opens up the body removing blockages both physically and energetically by blending the 2 ancient practices of Chinese Medicine Meridian systems and Ayurvedic Medicine Yoga poses.


Yin yoga applies moderate stress to the tendons, fascia, ligaments & bones, in order to encourage circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. So, as Yin Yoga goes deeper than simply targeting just the superficial muscles, this practice can create lasting structural change in the body.

Energetically, yin accesses the internal organs via the meridian lines for the body bringing fresh nourishment and vitality. Meridians are considered channels where Qi or Prana flows. Qi is the basic life force of the body. The thought in Yin is that this brings about better organ health & vitality, stronger immunity & emotional well-being.

Yin is also a deeply meditative practice where we learn to let go of thinking and bring our mind deep inside the body to focus on sensation, aiding a journey of re embodiment that is healing on many levels.

Yoga Nidra

We will wrap up our practice with a long & deeply nourishing Yoga Nidra or "yogic sleep". Yoga Nidra is a powerful antidote to our modern day, stressed out lifestyles where our nervous system tends to be in a constant state of 'fight or flight'. It brings us to that place between sleep and consciousness where deep emotional and physical healing can take place.  It is a fast track way for us to switch over to our "rest and digest" parasympathetic nervous system, which is where healing happens.

By totally resting the nervous system and switching off the mind from its constant noise you are able to find deep peace and joy.

Gong Bath with Sarah Pinnock

The icing on the cake, following on from Yoga Nidra, will be listening to the beautiful sound of the gong with Sarah.

Image by Anton Shuvalov