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Yoga in Harrow
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Hi, I'm Isabelle, the founder of Respira Yoga London.  I offer a welcoming space, a sanctuary away from your busy life.  I teach group classes, mini-retreats & 1-2-1 Yoga in Harrow & live online.   I strongly believe that yoga is for everyone and that the benefits of this ancient practice can be experienced by everybody, of any age or fitness level.

Our constantly switched-on way of living can deplete and exhaust us, placing huge strain on the nervous system with all sorts of repercussions for our health.  Yoga can help to bring a sense of balance and calm to the body and mind.  It can renew your levels of energy and vitality and help to bring clarity and focus to your mind.  Yoga boosts physical and mental wellbeing and allows the entire body to function more efficiently.  The benefits of yoga are well recognized.


Now more than ever, we need to take time-out from all of the noise, to replenish our inner eco-system and heal & tone our body.  You can try a class with me here.

Isabelle Sagra


I first came to yoga 25 years ago, when I worked in the city.  I was dealing with chronic back pain after a car crash which left me with mild scoliosis and all sorts of misalignments.  


I tried every kind of therapy but nothing gave me lasting relief from my back pain until I established a regular yoga practice. 


Yoga healed my back & I soon discovered that my yoga journey would help me in so many other additional, surprising ways.


Yoga classes brought a sense of clarity and calm to my overworked body and mind.  They calmed my nervous system and allowed me to sleep better.


A regular practice eventually made me less reactive, training my stress response so that I could better cope with the strain of a fast-paced life working in the city.


My immune system improved, I noticed that I stopped becoming ill from colds, flu & tonsillitis and I learned a plethora of tools to help me self-regulate - restoring my nervous system & keeping me healthy. 

I found that my time spent on the mat gave me the chance to pause and reflect on what was important to me.

I began to listen inwardly and discover that I was directing my energy towards the wrong life choices.  That many of my decisions were based on fear and an outdated belief system around what I 'should' be doing and how I 'should' be living.

Fast forward 25 years, I am now edging closer and closer to living my dharma or life purpose of being immersed in the 8 limbs of yoga and helping people to grow and heal through yoga as a spiritual journey.


I love holding space for people and building a community of like minded souls where people can come together to escape from daily life and feel nourished, soothed, cocooned and safe to let go.

Over the years I have connected with so many incredible souls in the holistic wellness community.  I have found myself venturing into other, related healing modalities  like sound; herbs, breath, mindfulness, gut healing, energy work, chanting, reiki, cold water exposure, Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine to name a few.

Restorative Yoga Harrow
Respira Yoga Studio

My early training in classical ballet and current immersion in Latin dance (Salsa, Kizomba, Brazilian zouk and Bachata) have given me an intuitive understanding of the body and movement, allowing me to recognise the unique patterns in different bodies.


This passion for movement and dance allows me to create mindful flowing sequences that are graceful & powerfully healing moving meditations.


As I guide you through the practice with the breath, my intention is for you to reconnect with yourself and to experience a magical energy and release.


This grounding, self-exploration should leave you feeling uplifted and empowered both on the mat and in your life more generally.

I understand, first-hand, the power of yoga and how it can bring release, happiness and inner-harmony, as yoga has saved me, over and over again, on so many levels. 


I currently teach 5 Yoga classes in Studios in Harrow  & monthly mini-retreats.  Join us as we work with our breath and postures to clear the energy channels, release stagnation and reestablish a sense of balance within.


Yoga is an incredible tool for self-regulation.  Whatever you are dealing with, whatever is going on outside of you, there is always this place of sanctuary that you can retreat into to shut out the noise, find a sense of peace and replenish your energy reserves.  When you practise yoga, simply put, life becomes easier.


You will feel comfortable and empowered to work at a pace that feels intuitively safe and appropriate for your own unique circumstances. 


You can book here.

Private Yoga with Isabelle
Yoga Schedule


 Let this class be your much needed escape & sanctuary away from what is going on in your life.  75 minutes out of your week to calm & nourish your mind, body & spirit.  

Establishing a regular, at home yoga practice is something that will enhance your life in hundreds of ways and likely stay with your for the rest of your life, keeping you happy, healthy, supple, strong and balanced. 


We start with breath work, progress to some warming postures, building strength and shifting energetic and physical stagnation in the body, then finish with soothing, long-held stretches and a relaxing savasana. Join us as we work with our breath and postures to clear the energy channels, release stagnation and reestablish a sense of balance within.


Classes are strengthening and progressive.  I vary the theme and teachings in each class to keep things interesting. Sign up here. 


Respira Yoga Studio

Reconnect with yourself in these super-nourishing deep rest evening yoga classes, designed to centre you, restoring the nervous system & releasing deeply held tensions from the body and mind.


A rare opportunity to pause and reset your rhythm, get back in sync with nature & rebalance.


Deep yin yoga, quiet restorative yoga, pranayama, guided meditations & sound healing will ease you into a state of deep support and rest.  Includes use of all equipment including yoga mats, blocks, aromatherapy, organic, flaxseed eye-pillows, fluffy blankets & organic buckwheat bolsters.


These retreats would be a great introduction to Yoga and a wonderful gift idea for a loved one who you think would benefit from the incredible benefits of this ancient practice.


These Retreats are perfect for you if:

- You are feeling overwhelmed and in need of a deep rest;

- You feel spread too thin, like your life is lacking space;

- You lack clarity, energy, grounding;

- You’re aware of some areas in your life that need more balance.


You should leave feeling deeply relaxed, calm and bursting with vitality and positivity.


Takes place at Respira Studio, Harrow.   Space very limited so please book soon if you're hoping to attend.

I look forward to meeting you on the mat.


N.B. Please note the following re: the Sound Healing. It is not suitable for ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy; people with pace makers or other implants; those suffering from serious heart conditions; acute or serious mental health problems; or those who may suffer from sound induced epilepsy; tinnitus or menieres.  Book here.

Harrow Yoga Studio

Please follow me on Facebook & Instagram and sign up to my newsletter above for details of new yoga class launches and inspirational musings on all things yoga & wellness related.


I look forward to joining you in the studio or virtually in your living room, where I shall be guiding you into yoga induced bliss :-)  Until then, please take care of yourself.



07990 820112

"Yoga is not just repetition of few postures – it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life.”

- Amit Ray

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