• Isabelle Sagra

Autumn Equinox - Our theme this week

As the air becomes crisp, the leaves start to turn and the days grow shorter - we start to crave coziness, folding into ourselves. Come and join us in our yoga practice this week as we reflect on what has passed, letting go with each exhale and with each inhale welcoming in the new.

Ayurveda teaches us that Vata, our element of air, increases during autumn, making us feel unsettled and unbalanced. We can harmonise and balance that out with the element of Kapha, earth, which grounds and calms our being. So this is a time to flow with the rhythms of nature, turning inwards, releasing, letting go, setting new intentions and finding balance in our lives.

There is a shift of emphasis from outer achievement to inner reflection and contemplation. In class this week we’ll focus on grounding, working at a slow and steady pace with an emphasis on foundation to create a sense of stability – deepening our connection to the earth, giving us a feeling of strength and restoration.

We’ll also be exploring some balancing postures to bring balance during this time and hip openers to help us find space within ourselves so that we can dive down beneath the surface and draw inwards. All of this should make us start to feel more energized and alive.

Monday: 10.30am Eastcote URC

Tuesday: 10.30am Pinner Vagabonds

Tuesday: 7.30pm Whitmore, Harrow

Wed: 10.30am Harrow Art Centre

Sunday: 11.00am Harrow Art Centre

£10 per class with 4 week term pass or £12 drop-in (pre-agreed).

Book at www.RespiraYoga.co.uk

Questions? Email or call Isabelle on 07990 820112

I hope to see you at yoga class soon!

- Namaste -


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